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Open Front Tie Tube Top

Open Front Tie Tube Top

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Introducing our Open Front Tie Tube Top – a distinctive and stylish piece meticulously crafted from the bottom of a T-shirt. This upcycled creation not only makes a bold fashion statement but also champions sustainability and creativity.

Key Features:

Upcycled Fashion: Embracing the ethos of giving new life to old clothing, this tube top is crafted from repurposed T-shirt fabric, offering a blend of eco-friendliness and fashion-forward design.

Open Front Design: Infused with a playful and edgy vibe, the open front style of this classic tube top allows you to showcase your unique individuality.

Tie Detail: An adjustable tie closure at the front not only adds a trendy flair but also ensures a comfortable and secure fit tailored to your liking.

Versatile Styling: The Open Front Tie Tube Top effortlessly pairs with high-waisted shorts, jeans, or skirts for a chic and trendy look. Dress it up with accessories for a night out or keep it casual for a day filled with sun-soaked fun.

Materials and Care: Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, this top is made from repurposed T-shirt fabric. To preserve its distinctive character, we recommend gentle hand washing and air drying.

Eco-Friendly Fashion: By opting for upcycled clothing, you're not just embracing style but also endorsing sustainable and eco-conscious practices.

Embrace Creativity: The marriage of an open front design and tie detail empowers you to channel your inner fashion designer, allowing you to style this top to match your mood.

Unleash Your Inner Eco-Fashionista: With our Open Front Tie Tube Top, make a fashion statement that resonates with your values. Showcase your love for upcycled chic and stand out from the crowd.

Discover the Beauty of Sustainable Fashion: This piece stands as a testament to the beauty and potential found in repurposed materials, a true celebration of sustainable fashion. Join us in promoting eco-friendly and creative attire with this one-of-a-kind top.

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