About the Brand


Did you know, up-cycling clothes is one of the best ways to discard them without harming the environment. It has many environmental benefits such as less waste, lower pollution, water, and energy savings.

100% Women Owned

The Modern Alien is saving the planet one outfit at a time. 80% of all the items in this shop are up-cycled and thrifted to be funky, unique and just all around fun!

The Modern Alien is a women owned business operated by a retired raver named Alexandria. She has always loved wearing out of the box funky clothing, which made her feel like she never fit in. This is the foundation that The Modern Alien was founded on. She realized she can create anything her heart desired and help our beloved Mother Earth. She realized she had the creative talent to up-cycle clothing to create something even more amazing!

It has not been easy for Alexandria to create beautiful pieces from someone else's old clothes, but the challenge is what she loves. It is really amazing what can be created from a bed sheet, or a pillow case, or even some old jeans. 

The Modern Aliens goal is to be a 100% up-cycled clothing shop and save our Mother Earth. Love the green coat? Check it out HERE

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