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The Modern Alien

Custom One-of-a-Kind Festival Set – Upcycled from your Unused Clothes

Custom One-of-a-Kind Festival Set – Upcycled from your Unused Clothes

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Before making a purchase, let's have a discussion to ensure I fully understand your preferences and requirements for the custom creation. Once we've clarified your vision, you can proceed with purchasing the product.

Upon purchasing, a package will be sent to you, including a shipping label, measuring tape, and a measuring card. Complete the card and return it, along with the items you'd like upcycled, using the provided label. Upon receiving your items, I'll begin crafting a digital mockup of your personalized outfit. After your approval of the digital mockup, the physical creation process begins, typically taking 2-3 business days. Once completed, your custom outfit will be shipped back to you, with an estimated delivery time of 5-7 days, depending on your location.


    Why Choose a custom outfit?

    The Custom One-of-a-Kind Festival Set invites you to dance to the beat of your own style, celebrating the convergence of fashion, sustainability, and self-expression. Each set is a living testament to the beauty of repurposing and the potential for fashion to be a force for positive change. Step into the festival season with a wardrobe that reflects your values and showcases your individuality in every stitch.

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