Kandi Sessions

These will be hosted once a month. The cost is $10 per class per person. The cost of the class is to provide supplies. 

Perlers, Pony Beads and everything in between will be supplied.

  • January 6th from 5pm to 7pm - Sign up HERE
  • February Sign Up - COMING SOON
  • March Sign Up - COMING SOON
  • April Sign Up - COMING SOON
  • May Sign Up - COMING SOON
  • June Sign Up - COMING SOON
  • July Sign Up - COMING SOON
  • August Sign Up - COMING SOON
  • September Sign Up - COMING SOON
  • October Sign Up - COMING SOON
  • November Sign Up - COMING SOON
  • December Sign Up - COMING SOON


    EvoluSHEIN by Design initiative supports our advancement to a more circular system, starting with the design of our products. Our ambition is to continue measuring and mitigating the environmental impact of our products while collaborating with other industry leaders to propel the circular textile economy forward. This is also an opportunity to promote alternative and informed fashion choices in a way that is engaging for our customers and brings them along on our evoluSHEIN journey as we continue to evolve SHEIN for the future

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    New York Fashion Week September 2023

    The Aliens touched down in New York during New York Fashion week. I kicked off the Fashion and Music Conference Fashion Show with an abduction into a new futuristic world.

    That's Not Rubbish Podcast

    Rumor has it Shein is gearing up with a potential new tactic to clean up their dirty business practices: a collaboration with upcycle designers. I know what you're thinking because I thought it too: How does that work? We're going to have Alexandria Carroll, the founder of festival-wear brand Modern Alien 🛸 and EvoluSHEIN♻️ upcycler spill the details.

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    Gem Blog

    New Wave of Upcyclers – How Gen Z Makes New Out Of Old

    Wheneven big brands are exploring upcycling, you know there is a major shift happening. Marni has made patchworked outerwear from existing garments, and Coach recently launched reworked 70s bags. Gabriela Hearst’s SS21 collection contained 60 % upcycled pieces, to name a few examples. Even the fast fashion behemoth Shein is going to launch a reworked category.

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    LA Fashion Week March 2023

    My first ever fashion show in LA made from all upcycled materials!

    Shoutout Arizona

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    Canvas Rebel Magazine

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    Bold Journey Magazine

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    Voyage Phoenix Magazine

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