What it means to be PLUR!

PLUR was one of the biggest reasons I got into the rave scene in the 2000's. I loved the community that was created from such a simple phrase. 

What it means to be PLUR

PLUR meant your looking out for one another, every at any event is a friend and we look out for you. Very rarely were people pick pocketing, starting fights or even taking advantage of people. 

I feel like the rave scene now has lost the PLUR. With how mainstream raving is now, many people go for the music and to meet new people, but don't know what PLUR is.

Maybe now you have to be a Kandi kid in order to know what it is... well we should spread more of it. WE SHOULD BRING BACK PLUR. Let's start a movement through Kandi!

We should join together and make Kandi braclets that say PLUR and pass them out to everyone we can without a piece of Kandi on them! 

Let us all bring PLUR into our everyday lives as well. Let's live in Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Our world and everyone around us need that more than ever right now!

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