Plus Size Festival Outfit Ideas Based on the Type of Raver You Are!

Raves have quickly become a place where girls are half naked. That is including all shapes and sizes. That is what makes a rave such a wonderful place to be, because you can wear whatever with very little judgement and all the hype up!

As a plus size girl myself, it is hard to even find flattering clothes that hide all the problem areas! Here are a few Plus Size Festival Outfit Ideas I came up in each type of raver.....


The Modern Alien - Rave Parent Outfit Idea

Someone who is responsible for their group. The hydration reminder, and essential holders.

I chose a purple and off white checkered bucket hat, with a purple kimono and a clear (Event Friendly) backpack to hold all the Rave Squad Essentials. 

Fucking Magical Backpack --> HERE

Purple Kimono --> HERE



The Modern Alien - WOOK plus size outfit Idea

Experimental Sound Lover- Casual dressing or typically wearing a pashmina

For this outfit I chose a half sheer and half gold silk crop top and shorts set with a purple pashmina.

Pashmina --> HERE

Outfit Set --> HERE




The Modern Alien - Plus Size Headbanger Outfit idea

Someone who loves the hard hitting base and head banging off the rails and with a group of people. Typically wears darker colors and hair is down.

I choose a oversized t-shirt with some fishnets under with some combat boots.

T-Shirt --> HERE



Plus Size House Head Outfit IdeaThe Lover of House Music. Typically wearing trippy patterned outfits.

I chose the glow in the dark melty slime bra with the high wasted two tone sweats from the Shein Collection.

Bra --> HERE

Pants --> SOLD OUT



Plus Size Kandi Kid Outfit Idea - The Modern Alien

Peace, Love, Unity and Respect - Wears a lot of Kandi and Perlers - typically wearing colorful outfits

I chose a matching mini skirt and cross the neck tube top in light pink, I also chose a fury popsicle bag because it is fun and colorful. Also lets not forget the Kandi... all the Kandi you can ever wear and trade.
Outfit --> HERE
Watermelon Bag --> HERE




Typically wearing Biker shorts, Leggings or High Waisted bottoms with matching top. It is each to move around in and still looks cute!

I chose a simple yet comfortable and adorable crop and short set. 

Outfit --> HERE



What Type of Raver are you? Comment your answer...


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